Hello! You made it here, I’m so glad to have you! My name is Aleks and I’m blogging from the eastern foothills of the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I started this site to keep track of all my recipes and improve my cooking skills. In a very short time, I found that blogging makes a great hobby.


I cook with fresh and minimally processed ingredients, and believe in variety and having guts to try new things. I tend to be heavy handed with spices, garlic and herbs, and I’m interested in healthy cooking and living. I’m not a cook by profession, and I’m sure many classical chefs would gasp in horror (sacrebleu!) at some of my habits. In fact, I think a monkey could do a better julienne than I. I can live with that. I’m busy making killer Pho instead.

My culinary inspiration comes from our corner of the country – Alberta & the West Coast.  I naturally skew toward salmon, bison and cozy winter warmer dishes.  I also grew up with traditional Polish food – it wasn’t fancy, but it was honest and real. Processed food was still unheard of Poland when I was growing up, so if you wanted anything, you had to make it from scratch.  I carried this cooking from scratch tradition into my life in Canada, with a big bonus – the huge abundance of multicultural ingredients I never heard of before.  I wanted to learn how to use everything and incorporate that into my cooking routine, thus finding new ways to get nutrition and enjoyment out of food.  There are lots of multicultural recipes on Canuck Cuisine, especially Vietnamese and Thai.

My favorite foods are wild sockeye salmon, our homegrown tomatoes and Pho. And won’t pass on chocolate cake. Food aversions: white pepper, parsnips and the atrocity known as imitation crab – a white fish made to taste/look like crab meat (gag!).

I share my life with my husband, Greg, and our weiner dog, Kaya.  We’re avid hikers, backcountry explorers, and lovers of the West Coast.


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Have a good one!