Easy Quinoa Vegetarian Salad


Welcome to the easiest, healthiest salad in the world.  Uh... laziest salad in the world.. Have a heap of vegetables and no time to cook?  Set some quinoa on the stove as you prepare your veggies - red peppers, red cabbage, kale and green beans.  Be encouraged to freestyle it with your veg selection - whatever you find in your CSA box.  This is a dish that comes together in minutes - keep it vegetarian, or top with some grilled chicken, or sliced pan-fried beef, and you're set.  Make a double [Read more...]

How to Make Your Own Blackcurrant Syrup (Ribena)

How to make your own ribena syrup

This is my cleaned-up homemade version of how to make the popular Ribena blackcurrant syrup.  I sure have enough blackcurrants to go around! If you asked where we were last week, chances are it was in the yard picking them. Hard work, let me tell ya! We didn't weigh the result, but I think it came to about 15lbs - that's a lot of hunching over and picking!  The berries are way too tart to eat, but make great jam, or syrup, that's exactly what I did! We always had Ribena in the fridge in my [Read more...]