July Update

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Oops, I better dust the cobwebs off the blog before it goes all derelict on me. I have a good excuse - I wasn't here. We've been back on Salt Spring, hiking, crabbing, visiting with friends, and perhaps doing a bit of house hunting. It's our 13th year on SSI, so it's hard to view it as vacations. There's good, there's bad, but in the end it's always like going to our second, better, home.  Still, just when I think I know this small island inside out, there's always something new - meeting new [Read more...]

Real Life, Real Food Recipes

Canuck Cuisine Blog

If normal life is not like the one in the movies, then everyday food is definitely not like... Foodgawker.   At least not my life!   Ever wonder why food sites have so many baking submissions?  Because you can spend hours pimping out your cake for pictures, that's why. Can't say that about food straight off the frying pan, unless you don't intend to eat it (and I don't think that's a right thing to do). I figured it'd be fun to do a glimpse of the kitchen when the camera is stashed away - [Read more...]

Tofino Trip – March 2014

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We're back from a quick boot to the West Coast - a small dose of much needed greenery and proper spring.  This is also the week I decided to give up coffee, temporarily, until I get over a bout of stomach funk.  It's been 4 days since my last cup... and that's how long I've been in my pajamas, just kidding.   I normally can't sleep at all while in transit, no probs now.   I can nap all plane ride long while white mountains float by underneath...  Seriously, though, no caffeine = hard. Tofino [Read more...]

Happy New Year!


Long time no talk.. I'm almost back from Costa Rica, doing some relaxing now and enjoying civilization, wifi, and cold wobbly drinks. So many updates for you when we get back on Canadian ground, so stay tuned. Fair warning that lots of bug, bird and critter pictures are coming up... Oh, the bugs :) Pic snapped when lost in San Ramon. Did you know they don't have street names in Costa Rica? So much fun getting around. Edit: this post was rushed because I literally had ants in my [Read more...]