September Update

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Hi from Salt Spring. Yea, time on the coast again. I told myself that I'd do tons of cooking, baking and farm stand hopping, and it almost worked out, almost. It's been a weird outing this time around. August was a stressful month for both of us, right up to leaving. Greg crisscrossed the continent on work trips, while I was dealing with the dog and all associated mishaps. Then, the date to leave came and it was like - "k, now stop all this crap and relax". Of course, things don't work [Read more...]

Rough Week

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It was just another summer week, except at some point this brown log decided to eat a tree cone, and it didn't come out.  Not naturally, anyway. Three vets and a surgeon later, we have a slightly sliced, patched-up, but otherwise unharmed dog... she's getting better by the moment... First belly flop just now: I probably don't have to mention that I cried like a little girl for 3 days.  Big breath and a sigh of relief... Regular programming to resume soon...

Evening Walk

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Let's go for a walk tonight.  The forest is green and the air is warm, is there a nicer way to end the day?  Sometimes we're so used to seeing things that we don't see them anymore.  Let's get inspired... We saw a baby moose (the size of a horse) on our way back home.  He was prancing on the side of the road, I was glad we didn't run into him on the walk - I'm sure his momma was not too far away.  Of course, I already packed away the camera!