Easy Quinoa Vegetarian Salad


Welcome to the easiest, healthiest salad in the world.  Uh... laziest salad in the world.. Have a heap of vegetables and no time to cook?  Set some quinoa on the stove as you prepare your veggies - red peppers, red cabbage, kale and green beans.  Be encouraged to freestyle it with your veg selection - whatever you find in your CSA box.  This is a dish that comes together in minutes - keep it vegetarian, or top with some grilled chicken, or sliced pan-fried beef, and you're set.  Make a double [Read more...]

Teriyaki Pork Noodle Bowl


I've been neglecting my love for Asian cooking in favor of quick summer meals... so why don't we marry the two?  I love Thai and Vietnamese flavors, and I'll make Chinese once in a while, too. If you shy away from these cuisines because some ingredients are unfamiliar to you, or worse, because you associate Asian cooking with pre-made sauces from a bottle, then this quick recipe will debunk those fears! Nothing artificial from a bottle here.  Do you still buy pre-made teriyaki sauce?  You [Read more...]