Spaghetti with Ground Beef Marinara Sauce


This is the part of the year when everything speeds up, and my blog can't seem to catch up with the pace of real life.  I will be posting more quick weeknight dishes this spring, because something tells me you have one hundred and one projects, too.  I'm simplifying to bare essentials here - ground beef marinara sauce poured over piping hot pasta, easy, yum. It's a recipe that comes together with a handful of common ingredients, and it's scalable so you can make a big pot and feed a crowd in no [Read more...]

Real Life, Real Food Recipes

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If normal life is not like the one in the movies, then everyday food is definitely not like... Foodgawker.   At least not my life!   Ever wonder why food sites have so many baking submissions?  Because you can spend hours pimping out your cake for pictures, that's why. Can't say that about food straight off the frying pan, unless you don't intend to eat it (and I don't think that's a right thing to do). I figured it'd be fun to do a glimpse of the kitchen when the camera is stashed away - [Read more...]

Moroccan-Style Beef Kebabs

Moroccan-Style Beef Kebabs

These tender and delicious Moroccan-style beef kebabs have just right amount of spicy flavor to tingle your taste buds.  It's super simple to make them, and threading them on a skewer is optional.  The ground meat mixture can be grilled as burgers, or even seared in a pan and baked in the oven as meatballs.  You can eat the kebabs with a salad, plain yogurt for dipping, and a side of rice.   And make more of them than you think you’ll need – I promise you they’ll all be devoured. It [Read more...]

Quick Salt and Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

Quick Salt and Pepper Chicken Drumsticks

Here's a simple, fool-proof method for baking tasty chicken drumsticks - it's a great recipe for a non-cook in your family.  These are moist and tender, with a nice, crispy browned crust.  It's a whole dinner in one pot deal - the drumsticks are seasoned with salt and pepper, then sat on top potatoes and onions and set to bake.  No stock is needed - this will be plenty juicy. Pop the drumsticks in the oven while you go about your day. We made these drumsticks in Tofino last week, or rather, my [Read more...]

Easy Spinach and Italian Sausage Orzo

Easy Spinach and Italian Sausage Orzo Dinner Recipe |

Need a fast weeknight recipe? Try this easy, hearty, and completely cozy Spinach and Italian Sausage Orzo.  The sauce is made from pureed sweet potatoes, so it's healthy and nutritious.  Italian sausage is always a winner, and you can choose a low fat version made from chicken to save calories. I made this easy dinner in about 20 minutes, my legs tangled around my dog who thinks I'm her personal cook, and Greg spectating his MotoGP racing in the background (which goes like: engines... British [Read more...]