How to Make Your Own Blackcurrant Syrup (Ribena)

How to make your own ribena syrup

This is my cleaned-up homemade version of how to make the popular Ribena blackcurrant syrup.  I sure have enough blackcurrants to go around! If you asked where we were last week, chances are it was in the yard picking them. Hard work, let me tell ya! We didn't weigh the result, but I think it came to about 15lbs - that's a lot of hunching over and picking!  The berries are way too tart to eat, but make great jam, or syrup, that's exactly what I did! We always had Ribena in the fridge in my [Read more...]

Teriyaki Pork Noodle Bowl


I've been neglecting my love for Asian cooking in favor of quick summer meals... so why don't we marry the two?  I love Thai and Vietnamese flavors, and I'll make Chinese once in a while, too. If you shy away from these cuisines because some ingredients are unfamiliar to you, or worse, because you associate Asian cooking with pre-made sauces from a bottle, then this quick recipe will debunk those fears! Nothing artificial from a bottle here.  Do you still buy pre-made teriyaki sauce?  You [Read more...]

Easy Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl


For the 4 people that still read this blog, hello! How are u? August ended, what a relief.  The world is going to hell in a handbasket and work sh!t finally hit the fan closer to home - I'm spent.  Fine, but spent.  So I give you this easy lunch/dinner bowl that doesn't require much thought or preparation.  What's not to love? Here's a bowl of quinoa with homegrown tomatoes, farmer's market zucchini and local Italian sausage.  My bowl also comes complete with the world's most expensive out of [Read more...]