Easy Quinoa Vegetarian Salad


Welcome to the easiest, healthiest salad in the world.  Uh... laziest salad in the world.. Have a heap of vegetables and no time to cook?  Set some quinoa on the stove as you prepare your veggies - red peppers, red cabbage, kale and green beans.  Be encouraged to freestyle it with your veg selection - whatever you find in your CSA box.  This is a dish that comes together in minutes - keep it vegetarian, or top with some grilled chicken, or sliced pan-fried beef, and you're set.  Make a double [Read more...]

Grilled Summer Corn and Quinoa Salad


Quinoa salads have been my favorite this summer, same goes for new potatoes, and I probably consumed so much salmon while it's in season that I could grow fins. This salad here is awesome - leftover cooked quinoa I had sitting in the fridge, and what I found at the farmer's market - kale, red peppers, onions, and fresh corn. Summers are so short here in Calgary that I end up overwhelming myself with things to do. It's like every moment of each day needs to be stretched for maximum use of the [Read more...]

Fresh Fig and Baby Greens Salad


There's a list of things I plan when we get our place in BC, and the first order of business is a fig tree.  If I can grow my own lettuce I sure as hell can grow my own figs.   I doubt this will make me self sustainable (despite this being the real estate agent's fav. phrase) , but it will make me fig-sustainable.   Why?  No figs to buy in Calgary this year.   If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was stalking the produce department manager about the next shipment - and [Read more...]

Farro Salad with Coconut and Mango


If you're still a bit intimidated by whole grains, then go ahead and throw some tasty Italian farro in your shopping cart.  Farro is super easy to cook, and rich in fiber, magnesium and vitamins A, B, C and E - a good addition to a whole foods lifestyle.  Here I make a simple and tasty farro salad with coconut and mango. That's all well said, but the truth is that my virtuous bag of farro sat in the cupboard for a year before I cracked it open... I had no idea what do to with it.  I used to [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Cakes

Sweet Potato Cakes | canuckcuisine.com

If you like healthy comfort food and mashed things, try it a bit differently with these sweet potato cakes - soft in the middle and crispy yum on the outside.   We include salty feta cheese, steamed kale and Italian spices...what's not to love? The recipe is pretty self explanatory, the only thing I want to stress is that I used Lacinato (Tuscan) kale, not the curly one. I finally found where to buy these in Calgary (Save on Foods) - $3 for a bunch, and it's organic, too. I like the Lacinato [Read more...]