How to Make Your Own Blackcurrant Syrup (Ribena)

How to make your own ribena syrup

This is my cleaned-up homemade version of how to make the popular Ribena blackcurrant syrup.  I sure have enough blackcurrants to go around! If you asked where we were last week, chances are it was in the yard picking them. Hard work, let me tell ya! We didn't weigh the result, but I think it came to about 15lbs - that's a lot of hunching over and picking!  The berries are way too tart to eat, but make great jam, or syrup, that's exactly what I did! We always had Ribena in the fridge in my [Read more...]

Spaghetti with Ground Beef Marinara Sauce


This is the part of the year when everything speeds up, and my blog can't seem to catch up with the pace of real life.  I will be posting more quick weeknight dishes this spring, because something tells me you have one hundred and one projects, too.  I'm simplifying to bare essentials here - ground beef marinara sauce poured over piping hot pasta, easy, yum. It's a recipe that comes together with a handful of common ingredients, and it's scalable so you can make a big pot and feed a crowd in no [Read more...]

Apple Fritters with Coconut Palm Sugar

Apple Fritters with Caramelized Coconut Sugar

Apple fritters can do wonders if you crave something sweet, but still want it to be a relatively healthy snack.   Or, if you're caffeine me. Apple fritters are nothing new, and I'll sometimes whip up a batch for breakfast, and eat them with a side of yogurt.  I made the fritters with coconut sugar this time - both the in batter and for the caramelized crust.  I bought a huge bag of coconut palm sugar last summer, and I still have enough left to last til the end of time.  The [Read more...]

Kale and Mango Smoothie

Kale and Mango Smoothie

A kale and mango smoothie that tastes awesome? This one definitely falls under the category "green smoothies that don't suck". Super-thick, naturally sweet, creamy...  First timer's luck?  All right, all right... only a few posts ago, I said you'd never catch me with the abomination known as a green smoothie, but read on. This was a pure happy accident. I was making an ordinary banana-mango smoothie, and this is how it went: first, use sweet sugar bananas - those tiny ones that come in a big [Read more...]