1. Oh, I just pinned. I’m an avid hater of cr@p foods and try to buy only local and organic. That Kraft peanut butter is a killer! Many foods are. They can be easily replaced with healthier alternatives for same or a bit higher price. But the medical bill at the end isn’t worth paying less for food now. Try to use organic olive oil or canola oil, only organic. Vegetable oil is usually GM soy, corn and canola oil mix.

    • CanuckGal

      Hahaha, lol about Kraft!! And I threw out my Heinz ketchup and Miracle Whip (that one I mourned with a moment of silence) thanks for opening my eyes with that video, that was from your FB after all. I need to sit on this info for a few days, lol, to formulate my thoughts and give my husband a break, too, he’s hiding in the garage to avoid more “did you know gmo is in everything?!”

      • LOL. Yes, that video was a good reminder to me again. And that’s true, GMO is in everything. IT’s horrible. I try to run away from it and it’s following me. Good for you for that clean up. Superstore sells organic ketchup for like $3. And Miracle Whip….OMG a killer. I recently went through my fridge and pantry again, couldn’t believe I still had some crap. It takes time. I recently threw out bottled lime juice, wasabi, marinated ginger and shortening. No I think I have only quinoa, meat, fruits and veggies left LOL.

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