Easy Plum Galette

Delicious Plum Galette

Need a quick dessert for tonight?  This is a super easy plum galette that you can make in a flash.  Galettes are rustic open tarts that can be filled with whatever you want, and I have a huge weakness for them (which would explain why I have more than one galette recipe on this blog).  The ingredients are simple, and the crust doesn't require pre-baking.  I change the fillings with the seasons: plums, peaches, pears, apples, and even savory versions with sweet cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and [Read more...]

Teriyaki Pork Noodle Bowl


I've been neglecting my love for Asian cooking in favor of quick summer meals... so why don't we marry the two?  I love Thai and Vietnamese flavors, and I'll make Chinese once in a while, too. If you shy away from these cuisines because some ingredients are unfamiliar to you, or worse, because you associate Asian cooking with pre-made sauces from a bottle, then this quick recipe will debunk those fears! Nothing artificial from a bottle here.  Do you still buy pre-made teriyaki sauce?  You [Read more...]

Grilled Summer Corn and Quinoa Salad


Quinoa salads have been my favorite this summer, same goes for new potatoes, and I probably consumed so much salmon while it's in season that I could grow fins. This salad here is awesome - leftover cooked quinoa I had sitting in the fridge, and what I found at the farmer's market - kale, red peppers, onions, and fresh corn. Summers are so short here in Calgary that I end up overwhelming myself with things to do. It's like every moment of each day needs to be stretched for maximum use of the [Read more...]

Fresh Fig and Baby Greens Salad


There's a list of things I plan when we get our place in BC, and the first order of business is a fig tree.  If I can grow my own lettuce I sure as hell can grow my own figs.   I doubt this will make me self sustainable (despite this being the real estate agent's fav. phrase) , but it will make me fig-sustainable.   Why?  No figs to buy in Calgary this year.   If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was stalking the produce department manager about the next shipment - and [Read more...]

July Update

woodcreeper, salt spring island, bc

Oops, I better dust the cobwebs off the blog before it goes all derelict on me. I have a good excuse - I wasn't here. We've been back on Salt Spring, hiking, crabbing, visiting with friends, and perhaps doing a bit of house hunting. It's our 13th year on SSI, so it's hard to view it as vacations. There's good, there's bad, but in the end it's always like going to our second, better, home.  Still, just when I think I know this small island inside out, there's always something new - meeting new [Read more...]