1. Well, in Ukraine, we call it borscht and it is our favourite and the healthiest and the yummiest soup ever!!! Asians are eating frogs and duck fetuses, so really?! Beet soup is weird?!LOL.
    P.S. Your photos are beautiful and I just checked your Pinterest, you should work it! Your traffic will skyrocket, girl.

  2. I have discovered a taste for Polish barszcz from my Polish wife, whom prefers (nay, -demands!) it be made ‘the Polish way’ despite the fact that we add a squirt of real lemon juice.
    I prefer my barszcz half-&-half with water and chicken stock, but that’s just me. Once I added one small(!) tomato and more-or-less caught heck for doing so (not Polish!) so, no tomato or red pepper, none of that.

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