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If nor­mal life is not like the one in the movies, then every­day food is def­i­nitely not like… Foodgawker. At least not my life! Ever won­der why food sites have so many bak­ing sub­mis­sions? Because you can spend hours pimp­ing out your cake for pic­tures, that’s why. Can’t say that about food straight off the fry­ing pan, unless you don’t intend to eat it (and I don’t think that’s a right thing to do).

I fig­ured it’d be fun to do a glimpse of the kitchen when the cam­era is stashed away — here’s what didn’t make it to the blog, but makes up the bulk of what we eat on a reg­u­lar basis.

Canuck Cuisine BlogFirst of all, we’ve been eat­ing more fresh seafood than ever since Save-​On-​Foods opened here in south Cal­gary. No more rot­ting fish from the big nasty super­mar­ket down the hill (and if you live near Shaw­nessy, you know the one I mean! — it is a frig­gin health haz­ard) What a con­cept! Thank you, Save-​On, for bring­ing an afford­able, high qual­ity fish mar­ket to the city. I really mean it, it changed the way we eat.

I like to write about whole grain sal­ads, but what I serve along side them doesn’t often make it to the blog. Here’s some pan-​fried sock­eye salmon that I sprin­kled with palm sugar. I could eat like this every day:

Pan-fried sockeye salmon | canuckcuisine.comYou can prob­a­bly guess by now that my favorite dish this spring has been the hum­ble pan-​fried fish. You heat up a cou­ple of table­spoons of olive oil, and a table­spoon of but­ter, throw in a bunch of chopped pars­ley (that’s right, right in the oil), set the fish fil­lets on top, then grind some sea salt on them. Thin fil­lets like red snap­per only need a minute, or so, per side. You spoon the left­over sauce over the fish on the plate. So good.

Pan-fried red snapper with butter and parsley sauce| canuckcuisine.comYou can pan-​fry sole the same way, but watch it even closer so it doesn’t over­cook. Less than one minute per side. It’s best to flip the fil­lets with a rub­ber spat­ula — they’re so del­i­cate. I made these last night and set them on top of mashed pota­toes. The fish was so soft, it was falling apart and meld­ing with the pota­toes, it was like eat­ing a yummy fish pie.

Pan-fried sole in butter and parsley sauce | canuckcuisine.comHere’s my team at work. When­ever I make some­thing, Greg asks me if he needs to sprin­kle while I take pic­tures. We still really suck at coör­di­nat­ing the whole thing, but it’s really funny to do it, and the pic­tures turn out some­times. Those frit­ters were gone as soon as I put away the camera.

IMG_20140426_152557My dog is on a raw food diet, which I make for her from scratch. My mom said some­thing funny when I men­tioned it the other day — “in Poland, dogs were fed table scraps and lived to be 18, or got run over by a car. Here, dogs are sick and always at the vet’s.” And it’s the same with peo­ple. Eat processed crap, expect to get sick… Prepar­ing your own nutri­tious food is the key to stay healthy.

Speak­ing of weiner dogs…I absolutely adore these oven mitts… Seen at the Bay.

IMG_20140426_152514Some bak­ing: Mar­cella Hazan’s apple cake I made this month. I’m always very closely observed.

Marcella Hazan's apple cake | canuckcuisine.comGreen Puy Lentils — OMG . These are not your ordi­nary lentils. I read David Lebovitz refer to them as “caviar you can get for $3.” (When David Lebovitz tells you some­thing is good, you lis­ten.) My favorite way of eat­ing puy lentils is to cook, drain them, and add a bit of salt and but­ter. That sim­ple — and absolutely divine. I’m buy­ing bags and bags of them next time I’m in France:

Organic Puy Lentils | canuckcuisine.comRan­dom quinoa salad. Sauté chopped onion and zuc­chini until soft and toss through with cooked quinoa. Add a bit of curry pow­der, chick­peas, and dried cur­rants. done.

Quinoa Salad | canuckcuisine.comServed with grilled chicken:

Quinoa salad with grilled chicken | canuckcuisine.comMy fridge… I sub­scribe to the idea of buy­ing less more often, so it’s never full of stuff. I’d never be able to find things that way, and prob­a­bly waste a ton of food. I threw out so many condi­ments since I started eat­ing a cleaner, unprocessed diet.

IMG_20140410_133039I’m friends with kale now, and the Lacinato kale is the only one I buy. I’m not a fan of the curly kale at all — it’s so much drier and more bit­ter. For smooth­ies, I roughly chop the entire leaf, but if I’m cook­ing with it I’ll cut out the tough stem. I fore­see that I’ll be mak­ing bet­ter smooth­ies in the future, because some­thing very spe­cial is com­ing in the mail (hint hint)…

Lacinato Tuscan Kale | canuckcuisine.comWhen I’m not cook­ing fish, I like to grill Greek-​style lamb. I always use the same mari­nade, and it goes: olive oil, minced gar­lic, fresh rose­mary, salt and pep­per. Cover and refrig­er­ate the lamb for at least 1 hour (overnight is best). Serve with a tsatziki salad and home­made naan bread to make a nice dinner.

Greek Style Grilled Lamb | canuckcuisine.comDeli sal­ads are the organic mar­ket :) And I will learn to how make them ALL at home. <evil laugh!!>

IMG_7413For now, I reverse engi­neered the mango, and quinoa ones - only that mine are 10x better.

IMG_7430Until next time.


  1. I really enjoyed this post and have too many things I could say about it really, so I’ll stick to just a cou­ple (phew, she says!) Most of all, I’m really impressed with your ‘daily rou­tine’ type food. Despite hav­ing a food blog, I still strug­gle some­times to come up with easy and healthy meal ideas on those nights when you’re tired and just want some good food. There are some great ideas here, so thanks! :-)
    P.S. Don’t you just love David Liebovitz? I just ‘redis­cov­ered’ him a few weeks ago and can’t stop read­ing! His post on the release of his book was amazing.

    • I so agree, Helen! I strug­gle with easy and healthy din­ners some­times too. My motto lately is keep it sim­ple! No chi­huami or chir­imuchi sauce over braised chicken tacos here. Screw that. Who has time for that?! Magazines?!

    • Thanks 😛 I got inspired to write this post after ‘redis­cov­er­ing’ Din­ner, A Love Story. And no way I’m wast­ing a nice fish to take FG pic­tures.
      David Lebovitz is one of my fav. blogs. He’s a great and inspir­ing writer.
      Rachel Eats is another one I love.

  2. I loved this post! The fun­ni­est thing is that you live where I used to live LOL. I clearly remem­ber going down that hill to get food LOL. I com­pletely for­got how hard it is to get fresh and organic food in Cal­gary. It still amazes me. With such a close loca­tion to BC and so much money in the city…
    Believe it or not, I never ever bought fish at Save On. Alex does fish­ing every Fall. I feel your pain and so happy for you!
    i love your back­splash!!! And thanks for being real! The amount of sugar, but­ter and flour on FG always sends me in shock. Do those blog­gers eat or cook real food at all?! Who can eat all of those cakes? Like seri­ously, let’s be real!
    Your fridge def­i­nitely looks amaz­ing and a fridge of no kids in the house LOL. I’m ready to declare a state of emer­gency when my fridge looks like yours with 3 men in the house. And me with my Insan­ity workouts.

    • Shaw­nessy? No way! :) That’s too funny… Greg is in Coquit­lam this week for a work course and is send­ing me all these pic­tures of flow­ers. Van­cou­ver might be a real­is­tic move for us in the future… the tim­ing needs to be right.
      Save On is great… fresh seafood that doesn’t smell like I left it in the car for 3 days, OMG. I’m jeal­ous you can go salmon fish­ing 😛
      Back­splash is from Hope Depot, and we installed it our­selves! I can’t believe it looks half ok, because we have two left hands when it comes to that stuff.
      I have to check out that Insan­ity thing you keep writ­ing about, it sounds like I’d prob­a­bly die if I tried it!!! cya

      • Yes, Van­cou­ver is in a full spring bloom and this week we are hit­ting high 20s. I love it here and you will too, I’m sure!!!
        Insanity…only if you are not a begin­ner fit­ness enthu­si­ast. I just don’t want you to die. I would rec­om­mend T25 first or Tur­bofire, if you never really worked out. Insan­ity is crazy!!! Trust me.

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