1. Steph

    You’ll want to try using a food proces­sor with a plas­tic blade next time, using a cheese­cloth or ded­i­cated pil­low case to squeeze out all the juice. The plas­tic blade isn’t as aggres­sive as the metal one, thus not break­ing up the seeds as much and reduc­ing the dry fla­vor in the final product.

  2. Gor­geous pho­tos, espe­cially the one with blue back­splash. I love pome­gran­ates! I grew up eat­ing them and when my mom peeled them it was a bloody mess. There was no YouTube back then.:) My hus­band watched the video recently and now he is the only one pro clean­ing pome­gran­ates in our house. Kids love them too! We just eat them plain.
    I have exactly the same blender and it sounds ter­ri­ble and splashes my green smoothie through the holes in the lid every­where. But it was $40 and what­ever.
    Inter­est­ing about brown mush­rooms. I love sec­ond hand book shop­ping or bet­ter library bor­row­ing.
    And I never buy juices. Very rarely as a treat for kids.

    • CanuckCuisine

      Maybe one day I’ll get the Vita­mix, I oggled it at Williams Sonoma, but I can’t bring myself to spend $700 on a blender. I’d rather buy plane tick­ets to some­where nice!
      I get most of my cook­books at Value Vil­lage, for like $4 each!

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