1. Steph

    You’ll want to try using a food processor with a plastic blade next time, using a cheesecloth or dedicated pillow case to squeeze out all the juice. The plastic blade isn’t as aggressive as the metal one, thus not breaking up the seeds as much and reducing the dry flavor in the final product.

  2. Gorgeous photos, especially the one with blue backsplash. I love pomegranates! I grew up eating them and when my mom peeled them it was a bloody mess. There was no YouTube back then.:) My husband watched the video recently and now he is the only one pro cleaning pomegranates in our house. Kids love them too! We just eat them plain.
    I have exactly the same blender and it sounds terrible and splashes my green smoothie through the holes in the lid everywhere. But it was $40 and whatever.
    Interesting about brown mushrooms. I love second hand book shopping or better library borrowing.
    And I never buy juices. Very rarely as a treat for kids.

    • CanuckCuisine

      Maybe one day I’ll get the Vitamix, I oggled it at Williams Sonoma, but I can’t bring myself to spend $700 on a blender. I’d rather buy plane tickets to somewhere nice!
      I get most of my cookbooks at Value Village, for like $4 each!

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