1. Wait, you’re not in this for the buckets of gold?!?
    I have a hard time believing foodgawker would ever reject your photos–they’re always so beautifully lit. It’s been nice getting to know you and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

    • CanuckCuisine

      hahaha! well… I wouldn’t say noooo to buckets of gold 😛
      About the light – it’s just being close to the window. I need to invest in some photography lights next year, the sun is basically gone at 3:15 these days.

  2. Oh my goodness. You cracked me up wit this post LOL. Nice to meet you too and you are so welcome.:) You have it all to be successful. I love your photography, recipes and writing style. And you get what it is and takes. And you got no kids. Man, road to success.:) Happy Holidays to you too!!!

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