Tastiest Recipes of 2013

Is every­one ready for Christ­mas??? I hope you had a good year and are look­ing for­ward to this hol­i­day break as much as I am. Traf­fic was quiet here on the blog for the first few months of the year, but the last quar­ter exceeded all of my expec­ta­tions (which there were none to begin with). Thank you every­one for shar­ing, com­ment­ing and being so encouraging!


I’m begin­ning to think that I can go some­where with this, and see­ing myself improve my writ­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy skills is incred­i­bly reward­ing. I had a cou­ple of pleas­ant wins this year, like my Viet­namese Chicken and Green Papaya Salad fea­tur­ing on The Huff­in­g­ton Post, and theK­itchn run­ning an arti­cle with my Greek Mous­saka (which caused a con­tro­versy, as I didn’t use pota­toes to make it!) Foodgawker finally abated and started to fea­ture my pho­tos, or rather, my pho­tos stopped suck­ing and were good enough to be fea­tured. And Pin­ter­est is all the rage cur­rently, with my hum­ble Won­ton Soup get­ting over 5,000 pins in the last two weeks.

I made acquain­tances with a few other food blog­gers this year, who I’ve been fol­low­ing and swapping/​receiving tips with — thanks to Olena from iFoodReal, and Sarah at Straw­berry Plum and Lind­say and Bjork at Pinch of Yum. You guys all rock.

And if I learned any­thing else this year, is that reg­u­lar blog­ging is hard work, and you need to be in it for the pas­sion, not for buck­ets of gold! Find­ing a new hobby and con­nect­ing with peo­ple has been a plea­sure in itself, and if it grows to finan­cial rewards, great. Noth­ing is with­out risk and hard work, but con­sis­tence, and per­sis­tence pays off. I expect to make about $40 from the blog this month (huge LOL!) But, who knows. Here’s to being our best, and look­ing for­ward to next year. Let’s look at the best recipes from 2013:

2013 Favorites

The win­ner has to be the galette, all the way. I lost count how many of these we ate this year — spring to fall. It’s a stu­pid easy recipe that fills the house with that fresh bak­ery smell. You can load the galettes with any fruit you wish, or make it as a savory one with toma­toes, feta, and herbs. The pic­ture below, is from us try­ing to get though a glut of fresh plums in BC — just the plums, some brown sugar and the galette crust. Or, check my Fig, Pear and Brie Galette here here and fill it with what you wish.


Ital­ian Meat­balls! Okay, I’m cheat­ing a bit. This recipe is from 2011, and was the sec­ond post I ever had on the blog. These meat­balls were a small hit on Pin­ter­est, and for a good rea­son — you sim­ply need them in your life.

Best Italian Meatballs in the World

I remem­ber being on hol­i­day in August and my traf­fic going crazy all of a sud­den, then crash­ing my site alto­gether. My Lin­guine with Ricotta and Toma­toes went viral -


Oh, the Greek Mous­saka. Greg’s least favorite veg­etable, the egg­plant, which he eats any­way if I mince and hide it well enough. It was a very pop­u­lar entry on Foodgawker early this year:


Hon­or­able Mentions

This pic­ture… It’s for real, no gim­micks. It was incred­i­bly hard to do, and it paid off! Add some Won­ton Soup to your life!


Check out these Crepes with Apple and Cin­na­mon and Ricotta - I almost didn’t fea­ture these at all, because they’re so com­mon­place in our house and engrained in my brain since child­hood. So easy to make and delicious!


This is my Banana Bread, which I invented because I can’t stand the the sickly sweet ver­sions. Why can’t we just have a banana quick­bread with a pinch of sugar?


That’s it! I plan a cou­ple of smaller posts before the end of the year, but it will be radio silence for a while :) Thanks again for read­ing, fol­low­ing, and enjoying!


  1. Wait, you’re not in this for the buck­ets of gold?!?
    I have a hard time believ­ing foodgawker would ever reject your pho­tos – they’re always so beau­ti­fully lit. It’s been nice get­ting to know you and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

    • CanuckCuisine says:

      hahaha! well… I wouldn’t say noooo to buck­ets of gold :P
      About the light — it’s just being close to the win­dow. I need to invest in some pho­tog­ra­phy lights next year, the sun is basi­cally gone at 3:15 these days.

  2. Oh my good­ness. You cracked me up wit this post LOL. Nice to meet you too and you are so wel­come.:) You have it all to be suc­cess­ful. I love your pho­tog­ra­phy, recipes and writ­ing style. And you get what it is and takes. And you got no kids. Man, road to suc­cess.:) Happy Hol­i­days to you too!!!

  3. Such awe­some recipes! Your pho­tos are absolutely stun­ning :) here’s to a great 2014!

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