Tofino Trip – March 2014

We’re back from a quick boot to the West Coast – a small dose of much needed greenery and proper spring.  This is also the week I decided to give up coffee, temporarily, until I get over a bout of stomach funk.  It’s been 4 days since my last cup… and that’s how long I’ve been in my pajamas, just kidding.   I normally can’t sleep at all while in transit, no probs now.   I can nap all plane ride long while white mountains float by underneath…  Seriously, though, no caffeine = hard.

Tofino - Canuck Cuisine Tofino is a small fishing village/secret celebrity haunt/surfing capital of Canada, way out there on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Greg and I came here for the first time almost 15 years ago (15 years!), and visit the area every couple of years since.   People go to Tofino for many reasons, and food is one – there are local businesses roasting coffee, brewing beer, and good restaurants to hole up in for dinner after a rainy day.  I need to take time to check these out one of these days, but we’re usually too busy exploring the wilderness all around, which is what we come for.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineYou can hop on any number of logging roads in the area and get into the real stuff – with not a soul in sight.  We joked that we should start “night walks” in the rainforest like the ones you do in Costa Rica.  LOL.  I don’t think so.  Here it’s not a question of what you find, it’s what will find YOU.  And that will be a cougar.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineThis is Larry Lake along hwy 4, just before a really bad stretch of cliff-hugging road along Kennedy Lake (Larry is the weirdest name to give a lake.  Why not Bob? Bob Lake.) I have a few pictures accumulated from this pretty vantage point, and I’m always annoyed by this small bush in the lower right that ruins my shot. Next time I’m showing up with a big pair of shears and trimming it.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineAnd finally… my borrowed kitchen.  The vacation rental was owned by a local chef, who used to run his catering business out of this house.  THAT STOVE… did not kid around. This thing could make a roast chicken and propel a jet at the same time.  I’d love to have one like that at home, but I know I’d leave a knob on and kerplode the house.  Leave it on for a moment and it has so much power the gas fills the kitchen…The knobs were so hard to turn and adjust, like they were made for some big manly chef hands. Also, I heart the glass fridge door – but only in that setting.  The “mess” inside would drive me nuts in my house, lol.  It was very fun to have all of this for the week…

Tofino - Canuck CuisineIronically though, I didn’t do any iron chef-ing… Only very humble and quick homey meals (no caffeine, remember?) Besides… who needs to overcomplicate things when you have this outside… I told Greg that the “yard” is like a relaxation video.

Tofino - Canuck Cuisine All of that, cool humid air that smelled of cedar trees, and the sound of rain falling and ocean waves…It was a short stroll to the beach, and we walked it twice a day, rain or shine.  Our dog loved it…  I’d have this beach by my house any day.  Unless an asteroid falls in the ocean, of course.

Well, time to wrap up the post and get back to real life.  It’s so hard to restart the routine even after a short period away. New posts soon, ttyl.


  1. 1. No way in hell I give up my caffeine. No way! Wine goes before caffeine. You are so brave! But I got 2 kids!
    2. That glass door fridge – now way in my house. Again, 2 kids!
    3. I have no idea what you are talking about the food in Tofino. I got 2 kids and them in a restaurant…Yep. It was nice to see Tofino through the eyes of “normal” people. Awesome trip!

    • LOL, I’m not brave, I just can’t irritate my stomach. I cut back on wine a while ago because it was making me fat, and honestly, that was about 4000% easier than giving up coffee!!! I feel the lack of coffee every moment of the day. Oh, apparently there are many great places to fine dine in Tofino (esp. the lodges), but I’m WAYY too cheap and I don’t care 😛

      • If I had to pick coffee or wine, I wouldn’t even think for a second! No coffee for me and my kids won’t live long. And I cut back on wine a lot for same reasons. And I’m too cheap for restaurants too, like fine dining. I like my food! We could be friends but only when you are back on coffee LOL!

      • Ya, I just need another week…except no expres­sos on an empty stom­ach. I’m ter­ri­ble. My doc­tor face-​palmed.
        Wine is noth­ing com­pared to no coffee!!

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