Tofino Trip — March 2014

We’re back from a quick boot to the West Coast — a small dose of much needed green­ery and proper spring. This is also the week I decided to give up cof­fee, tem­porar­ily, until I get over a bout of stom­ach funk. It’s been 4 days since my last cup… and that’s how long I’ve been in my paja­mas, just kid­ding. I nor­mally can’t sleep at all while in tran­sit, no probs now. I can nap all plane ride long while white moun­tains float by under­neath… Seri­ously, though, no caf­feine — it’s haaaard.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineTofino is a small fish­ing village/​secret celebrity haunt/​surfing cap­i­tal of Canada, way out there on the west coast of Van­cou­ver Island. Greg and I came here for the first time almost 15 years ago (15 years!), and visit the area every cou­ple of years since. Peo­ple go to Tofino for many rea­sons, and food is a big one — there are many local busi­nesses roast­ing cof­fee, brew­ing beer, and good restau­rants to hole up in for din­ner after a rainy day. I need to take time to check these out one of these days, but we’re usu­ally too busy explor­ing the wilder­ness all around.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineYou can hop on any num­ber of log­ging roads in the area and get into the real stuff — with not a soul in sight. We joked that we should start “night walks” in the rain­for­est like the ones you do in Costa Rica. LOL. I don’t think so. Here it’s not a ques­tion of what you find, it’s what will find YOU. And that’d be a cougar.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineThis is Larry Lake along hwy 4, just before a really bad stretch of cliff-​hugging road along Kennedy Lake (Larry is the weird­est name to give a lake. Why not Bob? Bob Lake.) I have a few pic­tures accu­mu­lated from this pretty van­tage point, and I’m always annoyed by this small bush in the lower right that ruins my shot. Next time I’m show­ing up with a big pair of shears and trim­ming it.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineAnd finally… my bor­rowed kitchen. The vaca­tion rental was owned by a local chef, who used to run his cater­ing busi­ness out of this house. THAT STOVE did not kid around, this thing could make a roast chicken and pro­pel a jet at the same time. I’d love to have one of these, but I know I’d leave a knob on and ker­plode the house. Those knobs were so hard to turn and adjust, like they were made for some big manly chef hands. Also, I heart the glass fridge door — but only in that set­ting. The “mess” inside would drive me nuts in my house, lol. It was very fun to have all of this for the week…

Tofino - Canuck CuisineIron­i­cally though, I didn’t do any iron chef-​ing… Only very hum­ble and quick homey meals (no caf­feine, remem­ber?) Besides… who needs to over­com­pli­cate things when you have this out­side… I told Greg that the “yard” is like a relax­ation video.

Tofino - Canuck CuisineAll of that, cool humid air that smelled of cedar trees, and the sound of rain falling and ocean waves…It was a short stroll to the beach, and we walked it twice a day, rain or shine. Our dog loved it… I’d have this beach by my house any day. Unless an aster­oid falls in the ocean, of course.

Well, time to wrap up the post and get back to real life. It’s so hard to restart the rou­tine even after a short period away. New posts soon, ttyl.


  1. 1. No way in hell I give up my caf­feine. No way! Wine goes before caf­feine. You are so brave! But I got 2 kids!
    2. That glass door fridge — now way in my house. Again, 2 kids!
    3. I have no idea what you are talk­ing about the food in Tofino. I got 2 kids and them in a restaurant…Yep. It was nice to see Tofino through the eyes of “nor­mal” peo­ple. Awe­some trip!

    • LOL, I’m not brave, I just can’t irri­tate my stom­ach. I cut back on wine a while ago because it was mak­ing me fat, and hon­estly, that was about 4000% eas­ier than giv­ing up cof­fee!!! I feel the lack of cof­fee every moment of the day. Oh, appar­ently there are many great places to fine dine in Tofino (esp. the lodges), but I’m WAYY too cheap and I don’t care :P

      • If I had to pick cof­fee or wine, I wouldn’t even think for a sec­ond! No cof­fee for me and my kids won’t live long. And I cut back on wine a lot for same rea­sons. And I’m too cheap for restau­rants too, like fine din­ing. I like my food! We could be friends but only when you are back on cof­fee LOL!

      • Ya, I just need another week…except no expres­sos on an empty stom­ach. I’m ter­ri­ble. My doc­tor face-​palmed.
        Wine is noth­ing com­pared to no coffee!!

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