1. Yes! My huband brought me some won­ton wrap­pers back from the UK so I’m mak­ing this today! My daughter’s full of cold too so chicken broth with win­tons will be just the thing! Thanks!

    • CanuckCuisine

      Hi, omg, to think wrap­pers were brought across the ocean to make the won­tons — you rock!!! 😛 Mind you, I’ve brought back crazy things from the UK before, includ­ing hag­gis. Hope your daugh­ter feels bet­ter soon.

    • CanuckCuisine

      Hi, yes, and I need to make more of these soon… I checked out your blog, you have lovely pic­tures and great recipes — I’ll add you to my bookmarks.

  2. Crystal from QC

    Your recipe sounds deli­cious, how­ever, I have a few dumb ques­tions before I start. Do you cook the meat first before fill­ing the won­ton? And if I want to freeze some, do you cook them in the broth and then freeze them or do you make them and freeze them on a cookie sheet and drop them in broth to cook in a future batch? I am so afraid to mess up!

    • CanuckCuisine

      lol, no prob­lem. You put the raw fill­ing in the won­ton — then drop in the sealed won­tons to boil. This will cook the fill­ing per­fectly. If you want to freeze a batch, freeze the raw won­ton and then drop them in to boil right from frozen. The only dif­fer­ence will be that it will take a bit longer to cook. hey, even if you mess up it’s just cook­ing — some things can take a bit of practice.

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